Thursday, February 13, 2014

Group 202 ICG

Do a quick review of the first part of Level One, units 1 to 8 in this site:
If you need more practice, do the exercises of Intro Student's Book (Level 0) in this site:

Visit this site:
and click in SIGN UP as you want, either WITH EMAIL or WITH Facebook.
Fill in the form and choose a FREE plan (you don't have to pay). Then follow me: 
When you see my picture, click on FOLLOW ME (this is for me to know when you post something)
Click on PUBLISH, and from here, click on MINICAST and then in CREATE. Follow the instructions and you will have a nice minicast with music, voice and images (the time limit  is one minute!). 

Get your membership in the Anglo Mexican Institute Library (Antonio Caso 127) and choose a book in simplified English (this is very important, not any English book will do!)
You will write a report of it by February 26.

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