Monday, April 7, 2014

Study guide Group 202 ICG

Dear students: see you tomorrow in the computer room ("informática").


1. My brother is ___ his twenties and goes to college in Arizona.
2. Tracy ___ short straight black hair and blue eyes.
3. Phil's nephew ___ 5 feet 8 and has a dark brown beard and mustache.
4. Has Martin ever _____ an appointment?
5. How many times have you lost your ____?
6. Have you ever _____ a truck?
7. New York City is very exciting, but it's _______
8. Lisbon is an interesting city, and it's _______
9. Tokyo is a safe city. It's _________, though.
10. My hometown is pretty boring. It's very _____, however.


Present Perfect Tense

1. ____ Ann ___ yet?           (call)
   Yes. She called a few minutes ago.
2. ___ you ____ to any good movies lately?   (be)
   Yes, I ______ already ______ three fantastic films this month.    (see)
3. _____ he ever ___ Thai food?        (eat)
   No, he ____ never ____ it.              (have).

Fill in the blanks with for or since.

I lived in Madrid ___ five years. I loved it.
My husband and I have been to Costa Rica every year _____ 2005.
Patrick has studied German ____ a long time. He´s a good speaker now.

Complete the sentences with should, shouldn't or can't.

This city can be dangerous at night. You _______ stay out late.
You _____ travel by subway late at night. There are no trains after midnight.
In Hong Kong, the weather is best in the fall. You _____ go there then.

Containers: use of bottle, jar, pack or tube.


Write a letter to someone you haven't seen for a long time. Include three things you have done since you saw that person.

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